Beers from Mexico

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 Bohemia Obscura

 Leon Negra

Akumal American Pale Ale (Etiqueta Roja)

Akumal Oscura

Bohemia Clásica

Bruma Doña Amargada

Corona Extra

Dos Equis XX Ambar (Amber)

Dos Equis XX Special Lager


Indio Pilsner Plata


Minerva Colonial

Modelo Especial


Negra Modelo

Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara2



Tecate Light

Tempus Alt-Clásica

Tijuana Güera

Tzotzil Miel

Victoria (Mexico)

Victoria (Mexico) 2
This is a collection of beers that I've personally tasted. We've now 665 different beers.
The pictures were taken by myself but descriptions and other details were got from